Friday, April 23, 2010

The MMU Herald #1

Greetings and welcome once again, to my blog. For today, I would like to officially announce the official opening of the new series entitled "The MMU Herald" in which all the events I participate in, witness or happen to know of will be blogged into this blog. So, without further delay, I would like to present to you the very first topic of this online newsletter!

On the 20th April 2010, the Language & Cultural Carnival + Drama Fest event was held. The event basically, to my understanding is mostly related to the Foundation students assignment which was to participate in a drama competition, where the finals will be held live on stage during the Drama Fest night. So basically, every 3rd semester students will have to participate in it(including me later on). I decided to watch it because my friend actually entered the finals but in the end obtained 2nd place, which is seriously quite a good achievement.=)

So during the night, there were loads of mind blowing performances. For example, as a starter, we had the MMU Chinese Orchestra playing 2 songs, in which one of them was Doraemon theme song, and the other, Running Horses. The MMU Orchestra did give me a feeling of when I was back in SMI in the hall listening to the Michaelian Chinese Orchestra performing=). After that, we also had rappers performing. Now the thing is that, I must say their acting skills and style is superb..It's like a live Akon hipping on the stage, but I can't hear them rapping. All I could hear and see was the rappers spitting onto the mikes...=.-"..Here are some photos of them rapping. Enjoy=)

During intervals, we of course, had the drama competition between 3 drama groups. 2 from Malacca campus, and 1 from the Cyberjaya campus. I must say, they all performed extraordinarily well.=) Kudos to the actors and actress. And after that, we also had lucky draws which really pumped me up. why? It's cause my brother happened strike one of the lucky draws and I was like "OMG..when's my turn?"..unfortunately, I missed it by an ant's hole. =.="..Sigh, it really got me pumping. Well anyway, he just won a RM20 Jusco voucher so it's nothing much anyway. They also had loads of cooler lucky draw prizes like a free coupon to stay in Equatorial Hotel for 1 night and so on.

Not to forget, the crowd was also mesmerized by the performance of the Jumbo Bro's. A group of cynical jokers who pumped the crowd to it;s maximum level. (Actually, most of them are my friends =.="). The video of them performing is on facebook and i'll try to get it if possible. It was really really funny! The amount of jokes and funny dancing moves they put in that performance can put you down into tears!=)

Overall, it was really a night to remember=).

I can't wait for the next Drama Fest Next Year, It'll be a bigger blast!

So thats all and till the next update=)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Thing About Life...

I wonder why, but I find life funny and ironic. Have you? Probably..probably not. But that's not the point.

You know, we tend to think that life's miseries and mysteries are the hardest thing to solve in the world. For example, we tend to ask ourselves, does God really exist?, how will I look or turn out to be in the future? Is there really a Heaven and Earth? And if you're probably facing your examinations or a tough work, the things that will probably run around your mind is probably, " OMG! how am I gonna pass my exam? Will I get a A?", "How am I gonna continue my work? I'm too stressed up!" Now, the thing is that, we often conclude that we can't change it. Let FATE be. But for me, in my honest opinion, screw fate. It doesn't exist. Well maybe it does, once or twice or so. But in general, it doesn't exist. So the question is, why do I say so? Am I being to irrational on this matter? If you think so, then I have to say ladies and gentlemen, that I beg to differ.

Here is the reason why.

It is of no surprise, that the majority of us leave complicated matters to God ( as explained above in the last paragraph ). But let me ask you, who is the one being affected? Who is the one who will be affected? who is the one who CAN make the changes? Who is the one who has the right to make decisions? YOU. Exactly. When you're going to face your exams, and you know you're not confident in scoring high grades, instead of complaining about how life hits you in the head, why not take the decision and action to actually move things around and study for the exam so that you will have enough confidence? When you're stressed at work, you ask, "why God why?". Shouldn't you be asking yourself, " what can I do to change this situation?" Doesn't it seem so logical? but yet surprisingly weird that we hardly thing like that? ( I must say, that even I think like that at times ). So what's the X-factor that solves this big mystery? the answer is simple and can be phrased in a single sentence. What happens to us, and what happens around us, is the result of our actions and nothing else. Does it make sense? Maybe, yet again maybe not. Lt me convince you in the most simple way.

Exhibit A
You are on a busy road when you have to make a penultimate decision to cross the road. There is no overhead crossing (jejantas). Cars seem to be endlessly speeding on the road, when suddenly, this really really fast car is hyper speeding on the road and you very well know that if you cross at that time, you will get smashed to bits and probably the only way to identify your identity is through your soon-to-be half torn IC. And somehow, one way or another, you cross the road abide the fact that you know you will get hit. And when you cross, you get hit. You smash into bits. Your IC is torn in half. You're dead. But before your brain shuts down and restarts in heaven, you have the option to think. Who is to blame for crossing the road? You or an unknown dark force who had miraculously forced you to cross? If you take the latter, then now you know why I say that What happens to us, and what happens around us, is the result of our actions and nothing else. Understand class?. Good.

Have you ever been in this situation where you have a crush or like boys/girls that don't like you, but the boys/girls that you do not have a crush on happen to like you? Ironic is it not? You like another boy/girl, she doesn't like you, and another boy/girl likes you but you do not like that boy/girl? And then you'll ask to yourself, Why can't she like me? and why can't it be the other way round?..Question is, why not? All you have to do is instead of letting the boy/girl to choose you, you choose the boy/girl who likes you? (for some circumstances of the brain of Lee Thean Soong, you may not understand this post). After all, haven't you heard what the meaning of love is?

Most of us think love is about looking at a boy/girl and say"wow! I love that girl". Error! That is not love. That's called crush. Love to other people is defined as finding the right one. But in the book called the "Law of Attraction Modified for Thean Soong's Personal Use", love is defined as finding a normal person, and making it perfect. That is love.

So, whats the moral of the story? never cross the road? Nope.

The moral is :

1.Live life like how YOU want it. And don't depend on other factors. YOU have the remote control to your own life. Use it wisely to your advantage.

2.Don't complain. Wait..that's not right. Complain, but complain to the right person and about the right thing.

3.lastly, stay single because we all know, that we can never find anyone normal and make it perfect no matter how much the Law says that that is love. And finding the perfect person is harder than you think it is and when you find the perfect person, complications occur, and when that happens, you no longer find her perfect and break up with her, and in the ultimate end, you're back to Square one =D true?..

Bet it is..

So that's all for today guys^^

My next post will be on MMU Language and Cultural Carnival & Drama Fest 2010 =D It was a blast.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The MMU Herald.

Once again, welcome to my blog ladies and gentlemen (i've always wondered why is it ladies and gentlemen and not gentlemen and ladies, which makes more perfect sense=D), on this gleeful evening, I am sad to say that is it raining kittens and puppies ( a new term used to describe the drizzling weather since cats and dogs represent heavy rain*mind the lameness ).

Other than that, this avid blogger is currently in the library with a couple of friends. Where there is air-cond, where there is light, where there peace, where there is also..erm..books..shelves..and get what I mean..=D..tho, I must say, this Library is really up to standard. The only thing to complain about is the lack of plug sockets. There's always a shortage of those =S.

And yes, this blogger has also thought of the possibility of producing a live story about Thean Soong and his life in MMU as well as what is going around in MMU as far as he knows. You never know when it might come in handy. =)..And he has also thought of naming it 'The MMU Herald'..He might change it though..depends on how much he can think ( I'm beginning to wonder why am I insulting myself on my blog, with my hands, with my brains=.=" ).

Well, nothing really much apart from that, I have still to add more applications to this blog..maybe a hit counter, picture gallery and many other stuff^^

So chiaoz in the meantime...^^

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Halt in the name of Just Life.

As you all may have noticed, I am currently undergoing the process of reviving my once short termed dead suppose i'm doing a pretty good job

I've taken the privilege to change my blog layout to a different theme where the use of ink splatters and graffiti is"..I find it messy sometimes (like now). So i've decided to put in a more mature and classy layout like this which I find really good. It's not only less messy, the words are easier to read, spacious and gives a calming effect on the reader due to the combinations of non-striking

Anyway, most of my widgets and gadgets have been remove temporarily but fear not as i'll be putting them back on soon^^. Patience is be patient yea..=)..

Also, I plan to write some stuff about the world around us like news or something, or else, my blog is haha...better of dead..=.-"..

And i'll have to dump in more jokes..for some reason, my funny bone appears to be malfunctioning recently..haha

Apart from that, I would like to say the end.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My 100th Post if im not mistaken

lol..just recently noticed that this post might just be my 100th post =D..I guess its something to be proud, now i'm studying computer application chapter 6 and its getting harder and harder to digest..This probably means I have to rerun from chapter 1 again for a few times to be sure I'll be able to score in the exam..and seriously, I feel as though ima nerd..=.-"..but to get the impossible(high marks), we have to do the impossible(become a nerd)'s all balanced out..God's beautiful gift of nature..=)..

And i'll take some time to repair the errors on the blog layouts and apps..bear with me for awhile guys n

EDIT: *ahem* I recounted and this is just my 74# post..-___________-"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Under Renovation

Blog is now under renovation.
Therefore, any errors or unnatural effects from this blog is totally unwanted.

note: no one shall or will be injured in the renovation of this blog. hopefully.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Opportunity I can't Let Down..

This is just awesome^^...
today is Thursday and it's a holiday in Melaka. Tomorrow, I have no classes...Saturday and Sunday oso no classes..Guess what this means?..4 days free!!study maniaaaaa!!!!hehe...XP..gonna kau kau computer application d..gonna swallow it whole..=.="..leave nothing behind!!

so im signing off now^^


Guess what?..

we've got the idea for the next video..=))..stay tuned..hehe..this be real funny!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Curiosity killed the duck ( or is it the bullet? O_o)

For some reason, an unfortunate event has struck me recently..I find it pretty hard to 'digest' my Computer Application stuff which requires tremendous memorizing skills..not as much as History though..but something like Biology I presume. Now the thing is that( with Mr. Lim Jim's tone), when I was in Form 5 going to sit for my SPM exam, digesting the bookload of crap was way much easier than this Computer Application thing. I wonder why..It's less work but harder to memorize..damn it..this is not a good situation..non the less, it got me curious..=P..hehe..

Going for dinner soon with some classmates..=.-"..suddenly don't feel like going but i'm not gonna Fong Fei Kei so..haha..guess I have to go^^

so tata~till the next update...

oh yea, they say my Finals is on 17th May..true ah?=.-"..Everyone's sem break is on that period..damn

Monday, April 12, 2010

Okay..just got my econs results back, and im seriously like unsatisfied..=.-" anyway, it's just mid term..there's still quizzez(scored full marks so far), assignments(did pretty well) and finals(seriously, going to try n do my best=.="..see the word 'try'?)...

Well, i'm not really sure as to why I got 14.75 outta 20% but i'm destined to find out...I shall pave way to the lecturer's office and demand for a subtle explanation!*high spirits*..

Maybe it's due to my stupidity or lazyness..or maybe i'm just not used to it yet..but it doesn't really matter...thinking to much about it or getting to sad won't change the results..the only way to change the overall results is the I come God damn comes my SPM spirit!!*cheh cheh..buat bangga je..sial..-____-"*.

seriously. study time.


In other news, went to Pantai Klebang(if thats what they call it) yesterday..haha..and due to my kecacatan, I didnt walk on the sand, what more the water..I just sat down eating cooked chicken and drinks..^^..haha...had quite a fun time tho^^..went around with a fork saying" I want to fork a chicken..*=.="..lame, but honestly, totally worth it..;)..haha..chiaoz..

Friday, April 9, 2010

It is time..

*and so another brave retard was subdued in th epic battle to prepare for the exam which is just around the corner..* We all know not of the dangers and spiciness that lies behind the exams..nor the wickedness behind each mastermind lecturer who is setting up the exam papers. *

therefore, without further delay...I believe, it is start studying...^^..

good luck all..hehe..gambate~

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ironic Humans.

For some reason, today, at 11.20 p.m. I feel like prophet.

Do you notice?

-When it comes to blaming people, we have a million excuses to put the blame on others..but rarely find a single excuse to blame ourselves.-

-It's not about finding the perfect person, it's about finding a person and making him/her perfect.-

-When a problem arises, we always find a reason/blame for the problem but rarely think of the solution to fix the problem.-

-If 5 people hate you, find 6 people who like you.-

-Failing is not bad. It's whether you fail forward or backward that really counts-

-We tend to assume more than we tend to find out the truth and assume that we know the truth-

-People often see the future of themselves but rarely look back and think of the people that made them where they are now-

- to smile with your face is a good habit, to smile with your body is a better habit but to smile with you heart and soul is a divine habit-

-People often have hundreds of friends but only have 2 or 3 friends who can really be trusted and open with-

- people often talk about others weaknesses and bad habits but rarely say out their good parts-


do you Agree to disagree? or disagree to agree?