Thursday, June 10, 2010

Foundation Semester 2...

Warmest greetings to those who are still keeping track of this empty, deserted, fermented, expired blog=D ( Probably the most accurate words to describe my current blog ). It is with greatest pleasure to announce that my 1st Sem exam and results have been completed and released ( kinda long ago anyway..)

So now i'm in my 2nd sem in this 'magnificent' University...

You know, there's 1 particular statement I find TRULY correct?
"The quality of chicks are degrading each new intake"<--awesomely true..=.=" it form 6 or

And the following is also true:-
"The quality of common sense and intelligence of students(excluding me of course=D) are also degrading with each new intake..for example:-

Currently, the new June intake batch for MMU have just arrived. And guess wats d MAIN attraction?, not the library or the 'fabulous' 'hot' 'irresistible' girls..instead, its d freaking swimming pool in Ixora. Now the thing is that, it's OK to like the swimming pool..But the thing is, the Ixora swimming pool looks as tho it's filled with orange campur lime juice mixture of some's as tho everyone collects their urine for d day and empty it in the swimming pool every night=.="..seriously. Im not kidding=.="..this is a serious issue here..and yet. Them June foundation students just ADORE swimming in urine, lime and orange juice's as tho they're in Heaven or something=.="..

oh well, i'm just glad i'm not part of that group..=D

Anyway, i'm lazy to blog d =.=" fingers call for rest..^^

so see ya



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back from Hibernation

haha..It's been awhile since i've been blogging..well, it's not that im busy, I was just lazy to blog..=D..don't like my excuse?..haha..fine, sue me if you can ;).

Well, Nothing much interesting happened during my 2 week sem break. Tho, briefly, during the holidays, I really managed to catch up with most of friends.=) Which is a good thing in my point of view. Some 'methods' I used to catch up with my friends were forcing them to meet me in school as well as forcing them to meet me in Jusco (honestly, where else in Ipoh?=.="..) So anyway, it has also been a very 'fruitful' 2 weeks as I also managed to learn on something that would be useful in the future=))..haha..but i'm not gonna say what it keep on

So now that the break is over, it's back to studies, assignments and far so good. =) The groups I am in consist of capable people so i'm pretty relaxed about it..haha..anyway, gotta go dinner now=)

Hopefully, i'll update my blog soon enough again=)..