Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some lyrics which so fit me now..

Only a hand full people know whats going on at the moment and I hope it stays that way..and after it happened, went to my room, close the door, lie on the bed, stick the MP3 in my ears to forget whats happening, put the MP3 on 'shuffle song' mode, and this was the first song that came out..and it is 90% exactly what i've just gone through..

I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut
My weakness is that I CARE TOO MUCH
And my SCARS remind me that the PAST is REAL
I tear my heart open just to feel

Drunk and I'm feeling down
And I just wanna be ALONE
I'm PISSED cause you came around
Why don't you just go home
Cause you channel all your pain
And I can't help you fix yourself
You're making me INSANE
All I can say is

I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut
My weakness is that I CARE TOO MUCH
And our SCARS remind us that the PAST is REAL
I tear my heart open just to feel

Against my own advice
I saw you going down
That you're DROWNING in the water
Compassions in my nature
Tonight is our last stand


I'm drunk and I'm feeling down
And I just wanna be ALONE
You shouldn't ever come around
Why don't you just go home?
Cause you're drowning in the water
And I TRIED to GRAB your hand
And I left my heart open

I'm SORRY but I gotta move on with my OWN LIFE
I can't help you fix yourself
But at least I can say I tried
I'm sorry but I gotta move on with my own life

[Chorus x2]

and no, I didn't and don't have a girlfriend so this is not related to girlfriend stuff cause I don't have me..ZZZ...have to go to KL again on Wednesday..haih..

Monday, April 13, 2009


Currently in Kuala Lumpur now..

Came here 1 hour ago and am gonna leave tomorrow. Came here to for some relatively gay purposes..LOL..joking..

Anyway..half way recovering from flu, sore throat and headache..hmm...wanna know what it feels like?..imagine this:-

a G-clamp clamping your head/skull while thick goo oozes outta your nose at an alarming increasing rate with spikes in your throat..unable to sleep, unable to eat, unable to walk, unable to talk but able to SMS and blog..=PP..haha..At least now i'm recovering quickly..well..i'm suppose to...after taking in 3 litres of water, 1 coconut, 2 'leong sui's', 1.5 litres of soya bean..-__-"...and ample amounts of trips to the

So should be back in action(and back in school) on see ya then..haha..

Hey, wanna know this dirty joke??..someone SMS me that day..

An elephant meets a camel and asks, "Isn't it weird to have your breast on your back??"...camel replies..."that's weird...coming from someone who has a penis on his face..."...XDXD...ROFLing of the best jokes EVER!!!...haha..=PP...gotta go now..laptop battery at 18%..-___-"..

till the next update!bye~

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sports Day..

My last Sport's Day ended yesterday..

Overall it was kinda fun actually..basically the main events I took part in was the arranging form1 and form 2 students at the pavilion and the march past. We will now take a closer look at each of the 2 events..

Arranging Form 1 and Form 2 students at the Pavilion Event.

Technically, this was NOT wat I was suppose to all started like this..

Koy Yew stationed Daren and me at the area near the pavilion..somehow..Daren and I got confused..(or rather..just me..since he was supposed to follow me..=.=")..and we ended up lepaking IN the pavilion..looking at the form 6 girls who were looking at we were so BORED hanging around there..we decided to ask Koy Yew where we suppose to really duty..kononnya suppose to block the students at the main block NEAR the pavilion..not IN the pavilion..the pavilion was suppose to be taken care of by the form 6 lady we were blocking and blocking and blocking...then...we suppose to push them back into the pavilion since they were sorta bulging out of there..-.=" we push and push...and you what?..those form 1 and form 2 guys were like running jelly beans filled with Red Bull liquid...they were bloody hyperactive..and I don't think they have ears ya know..they can't and won't listen to your orders..=.="...them hyperactive fags should get some the past 1 hour i think, Daren and I were forcing them back and back..only to realize..the form 6 girls were suppose to be doing it..instead, Daren, Shileena, Vipu, Hon Wai and out juniors were doing it..then I wanted to see what the other form 6 girl's were doing la..see see...they chatting at the pavilion near the shade there...with Joseph..shaking away his butt left and right...I was like...-_______-""..okayyyy... and that time..we were all under high pressure..(actually just me la..the rest selamba only..)..then, while under high pressure, Monil came with the im-on-a-holiday kinda style, hang both his hands on 2 fellas shoulders and said:- What's up man! direct reply:- piss off la asshole...=.="..he was like WTF...I reply.. we here under tension..let me tell you roughly wat happened in a more simpler form..imagine yourself sunbathing in Hawaaii..when suddenly, you get up only to realize you are in the middle of a bloody war with Iraq, trying to survive when a complete lost idiot comes up to you and say what's up with a bottle of champagne in his hand..your reply would be piss off la..haha...although the conversation was what seemed to be an was quite a funny joke la..haha..XD..then went to eat lunch...speaking of lunch..i'm starving

March Past Event.

Everything went smoothly..haha..the best part of marching is that you get to scream as load as possible and no one will call you crazy or stupid..and when you shout, you can get the nic spine chilling of togetherness betwenn your class members and it feels good! know that we are united!XD..but the best part is when you bomb other sama science 3!!..and everyone in the class will shout on the top of their lungs BOO!!!!...very high spirited..haha..=D..and in the end...we freaking won!!=DD...not only the march past but also the BEST SPORTS CLASS!!it was so freaking close to science 1..they had 4 gold, we had 4 gold, they had 4 silver, we had 3 silver,but then..Loo Sen with a painful back ran for 100m and obtained a silver!!so that makes 4 silver oso.., then for bronze..gone 2 trash science 1 in bronze medals..hehe..all in all, we rock!..XD..

thats all for now...starving d..must eat....
bye bye~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brief Update...

I might as well update something now...been a long long time since I actually blogged about something worth reading, and for all I know, this post might not be worth reading either=.="..but none the less, more meaningful than the other old posts..=D..haha..

First of all, i'm stuck in Penang, A.K.A Pearl of the Orient, whatever it means cause the only thing i'm seeing here is a looooooong stretch of polluted beach...=.="...haha..joking..and not forgetting the Penang like their father's road only..slow like____..then there was this time..this paria proton car driver in his car...stop in the MIDDLE of the road of a one-way street, wind down his window and start chit-chatting with some guy outside..CHIT-CHATTING you know!!Not dropping someone off or discussing something important...moreover, there were 3 cars behind the fella..honning away at that fella..tell you ah..Penang should force all their drivers to retake their Undang and driving test la..=.=" dad go buy some cheap batik ady, cannot fit so go back there and return the next day...then yesterday, after 'changing' the shirt...come back to the Hotel..say want to change again..-___-!!..MAJOR later have to go and change again...If I was the shop owner ah...I throw my school shoes at the fella la..(btw..stil haven't wash my school shoes yet..-___-"...)..and then I will also go burn his house and pancit his tayar..=.="...but if I did that..I got no house to live in and no car to go back to home sweet Ipoh..*cough* cause that fella is my cannot la...haha..don't get what i'm saying?'s ok..I don't fully understand myself...=.="

Then last night was quite fun la..went to my dad's friends restaurant..go there at 8 p.m..come back at 2.30a.m..-___-"...this restaurant is Straits Kitchen..where people go in, and pay more for the drinks than the food..=.="..and it's not a we went took some time so we drank Tiger Beer..not bad la..ended up having one whole can..=P then ate dinner..then I thought it was over...see see my mother go drink Guinness Stout..=.=" I took a sip now..half the people at my table were smoking...-___-"I.e: my father, the chef(boss), and my dad's friends(co-owner) and of course me oso la..ahem..haha...joking..I don't smoke..=D..but I think I am a passive smoker la..inhale A LOT of 2nd hand smoke..=.="..almost everyday ..sweat..gonna die young..sigh.. lol..who cares..=.=".. Anyway, back to the now, it was probably..say..10p.m la..thought can go back to the hotel and rest or something...all the customers oso chao d..malah..the staff oso go back d..only left with, my dad, mother, the boss, co-owner, boss's wife, co-owner's wife and me..then suddenly...this boss...go take out 1 bottle of Vodka Orange..-______________________-"" man..that's goodbye to my early sleep la..So then we drink la..first, put ice in the glass...then add the vodka orange...then some F&N soda...then lastly some Orange juice...

the exact

all in all, it taste good man..really good..with 40% of alcohol face was red like the well as everyone's on the table..

Then as we were drinking...this stupid conversation happened..somehow la..SOMEHOW...started talking about women la..virginity la..gangsters la..this la that la..and out OF THE BLUE ah..the boss ask my dad...when your son lose his virginity would you want to witness it??..-______________________________________________________T!!!!
my dad said..OF COURSE LA!!I'LL BE SMOKING MY PIPE AND ENJOYING IT...I was like...WTF lA DEY!!!T__T!!!...then the boss added...yaya I oso wanna see my son lose his virginity.. then ah...If cannot tahan I will interfere, and teach him like this and like this..LIVE DEMONSTRATION!...I was like...X_X...WTF...swt..somo got 3 women there....haha..damn malu

somo that guy was an ex-St. Xavier he is also connected my St. Michaels..cause it is under brother's mission..=D...and he hates Penang Free School...=.="..then he told one time..when he was opening the shop...a tiles dealer came to him to sell tiles...then the price was reasonable..but the boss(Luke) rejected it...then the dealer ask...why?..Luke said..cause you are from Penang Fucking Free School...-___-" he is considerably my senior la..and the also sing the school rally..all through our college...yada yada...and night that Mat Rempit..going round and overall, it was great fun=DD..the environment was good..and the interior design was even better...and the food oso is good..=.="...and the price is also reasonable..suddenly sound like some should go there when you drop by

And that concludes last night...for today..will be leaving this god forsaken island and back to god enlightened Ipoh..haha..andon the way...gonna go to Jawi to makan Sea food!!XD....another good place to makan...haha..about 30 minutes drive from Penang on the direction to its along the way...=DD...gonna be fat when you see me on Monday..haha...=D...

In other news...

Managed to get 2 medals out of 3 events taken..I took part in 1.5km, 800m and 4 X 400m...iniatially suppose to take 1.5km and 800m only...but Loo Sen injured ganti the fella la..obtained bronze for 1.5km, silver for 4 X 4th placing in 800m..Monil got 3rd in 800m...vege power!!XD...haha..joking..then my test results is improving drastically..=DD..targetted 5 A's...see see scored more than 5A's..I mean if you don't count in the stupid holiday homework now must gambateh and tambahteh for Mid term!..XD..thats all...haha..

gtg now..adios..

hope you enjoyed this time since I wrote something worth telling