Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday..XD

Today marks the date where little Thean Soong goes 1 step up closer to maturity. XD. It is this day today, from now on, Thean Soong is legal to get married, legal to drink, legal to engage in copulation-___-", and most importantly, legal to drive! Yeap, just passed my driving license just now in the morning..-___-"..about time la..was getting sick of that paria place filled with cina kois..-__-"..can't stand them wei..haha..Anyway, 1 year ago, I received a piece of paper with signatures all over it with the centre of the paper written


Now, the funny thing is, I have an ass..but i'm not sure wheter i'm gay..-__-"..I doubt so anyway..haha..XD..oh well, it's surprising how a discarded piece of paper meant for d dustbin can bring so much memories and value to one's life=D..ironic don't you think?..XD..

And yea, here's a funny you may have noticed, the paper looks as though it dates back to prehistoric times-__-"..during the medieval age..don't you think? some Holy Grail thing(damn..i'm talking too much crap-___-")..Anyway, a peculiar story follows behind this paper.

Here's the story, when I first got this paper, i kept it in my the next day, i went to school as usual and during recess duty, i was taking care of the drink stall next to the fruit stall. And after that, I went back to class and all. As the bell rang, I went to the canteen with my friends and I decided to buy a drink from the drink stall that I took care of earlier on. So as I was going there, I couldn't help but notice a small piece of paper, similar to the one that was given to mo lying on the floor and I thought to myself. What a I decided to pick it up and to my surprise, it was bloody hell the paper that was given to me with all the signatures on it.-____-"..and I was did it get outta my wallet?..funny la..haha..-__-"..kinda lame but..XD..who cares?'s 1 years old..XD

i'll try to keep it for another year and see what happens..-__-"..for all I know it could be my lucky charm..haha..anyway, till the next time..XD

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A New Chapter Of a New Book

Ah, as some of you might have noticed, I shall be going on a 5-year honeymoon with books and studies in Malacca soon^^. Registration's on the 27th of I'm gonna leave on the 27th and register on the 28th..-___-"..excellent time management huh?..haha..then orientation on the 28th to 29th..feel like skipping it..-__-"..boring..wonder what they'll do if you skip class..rotan?demerit?..or prefect write names..-___-"..haha..miss those days..T_T..well anyway, since i'm leaving secondary and entering University, I suppose it's time to change to a new chapter of a new book..^^...haha..and yea, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you^^. haha..And as for this year, I plan to make resolutions in which I must achieve by this year..And I must say, my resolutions very serious eh~..=.-"..though, before I say out my resolution, I would like to say Happy Chinese New Year to all^^haha!!(wtf..-___-")..and my new year resolution is!!!!!!!!!!!!....

Think of 2011's resolution

-____-"..lame, good luck all in your SPM and STPM results!!I heard SPM's results coming out end of early..=.-"..zzz..thank God will be in Uni^^..parents can only screw through the phone..~.~..lalalala~.haha..