Saturday, March 27, 2010

Song updates =PP

Finally..something to actually blog about that makes more sense than it usually does. Anyway, in the next 1 hour or so, I'll be heading to Seri Negeri for the IVAQ event where i'll be d stage crew for it's opening ceremony it goes well..=.-"..cause I just got to know d story line yesterday..and I only saw d whole complete drama rehearsal yesterday as well..=.-" for me yea..-_____-"..sound so desperate like that..haha..

Other than that, I have discovered some really good songs worth downloading even though your d/w speed is 1kb/'s d list..=))enjoy listening to them after u download
*note:..most of the songs are quite old so yea, don't be surprised if u have listened to these songs before yea..=)*

Song Artist
My Girlfriend Uncle Kracker
Smile Uncle Kracker
Follow me Uncle Kracker
Don't Stop Believing Glee Cast
Ocean Avenue Yellowcard
Right Here Waiting Staind
Through My Window Bunkface

lol...hope you find this post useful..=)..chiaoz..
till the next update

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to the Basics?? now, I must start realizing that my blog is no longer as popular as it used to well..=.-"..screw it..

Anyway, I do hope that I will still have the mood to blog after this..=.-"..

Well...let's go for d updates.. do I start..zzz...

once upon a time Am now currently stuck in MMU, Melaka doing Foundation in management and I must say, i've got loads of stuff to'm too lazy to blog..=.="..

nevermind..that was a bad start..let's try again
*I do hope u have loads of time to spare....this post is full of meaningless info..seriously.*

So okay..

so far in Uni, I have made countless of friends...some are short, some are tall, some are male, some are female; and some are both.damn. , some are smart, some are stupid and some can't be classified...other than that, some of them are really freaking hot..and some are just to cool..of course, me being hot and cool at d same, I think thats enough to describe what kind of people inhibit MMU..

And if there is anything u wanna know about MMU for those of u who just finish SPM or STPM can see me..=)..I don't

And yea, just finished my first sem mid term exam and mid term break..all in all, I think I pretty enjoyed my mid term test much more than mid term break..y?..=.="..cause, seriously..mid term break was freaking sleep and rot at home...wait..thats not enough..I also sleep, rot, and collect dust at home..=PP..yeap..that's a better definition..

Hmm..let's see..what else is there to say huh?..well..nothing much...restarting a blog is hard n boring..especially when your brain is simply full of crap..=.-"..and nothing more...nothing

oh yea oh yea..there's one more thing..XP..

just recently, I took part in this ArtCraze event in MMU...basically focusing on graffiti and lol..I know u know i know u know that I like Graffiti and art so yea...had loads of fun..for some reason they even brough in a Mazda RX8 or 7...whichever one la..and parked it in d middle of d walkway..=.-"..stupid la..but attractive..=))..hehe..then I did this really freaking huge poster with my friend..kinda lazy to upload d photo but u can find it on my facebook...

Anyway, gonna start revamping my blog so yea..haha..try to stay tuned..;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

lol...SPM results is out^^

ok..the moment has arrived..hehe..tho most of u probably know my results d..*drums rollling*

SPM results

thats like 5A1, 2A2, 3B3..=.=" colourful..

the breakdown is

-Mod maths



-Add maths

hope u guys get good results out there^^