Monday, July 12, 2010

Human Development FOSEE Crew 09/10 (S.H.I.T & EP Gang)[TRAILER]

Our Human Development Group's video TRAILER.

Credits and info will be noted during release of the main video.=)

happy watching=). PLEASE PLEASE do comment=)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bummer! appears as though the video release have to postponed for a bit..=.="..haha..but it's okay=)..big premiere's tomorrow! LOL..and if we're lucky enough, we'll get the trailer running tonight!!XD..

In other news, just finished attending the Accounting Club AGM few hours ago..we did some good ice-breaking sessions..=) pretty fun as

Well anyway, gotta work on the video now so yea...=) catch you back in a bit^^..

tata and goodbye~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Haha...I guess I have run out of excuses on why I haven't updated my blog recently=). Oh well, fear not! for I have good GOOD news for y'all=DDD..

Well, thanks to the Human Development project, a team of 12 students including me were given the task of producing a video on any age group such as childhood, teenage life or adulthood life and so on.. So yea, we (my groupmates and I) will be releasing the video on Facebook tomoro after presenting the video in class=D. For those who come to class tomorrow, I hope you are well prepared=D, Bring your popcorns if you have to=). haha..the video, I have to say, took tremendous effort from producing, acting and editing=D. Glad that part is over!!.haha..damn, just so excited^^.

In other news, i'll be having my Accounts 1 quiz tomorrow and i'm barely prepared for it=D. haha...oh well, somehow I hope i'll manage it ;).

Hmm..oh yea..mid term coming in 2 weeks time^^. Hope i'll be ready for it in time=D. Good luck to

Other than that, i'm glad to know that Malaysia seems to be improving a lot.=) For example, we take a view at the artistry industry. MizzNiza's collaboration with Colby O'Donis on the song "What you waiting for" is pretty good=). However, there is of course, more room for and so do I. lol.haha..

well, till the next time=). nitez~