Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome to Ipoh.

To those of you readers out there who have not stepped foot into Ipoh for the past recent months, and if you happen to plan to come to Ipoh, let me make you reconsider.

Now, we all know Ipoh used to be the land famous
for its...its..erm...damn...i'm bad in my sejarah and geografi..erm...i'll just make up something...ah I was saying..Ipoh used to be the land famous for its ample amount of Kopitiam and mamak stalls(yes..this sounds just right).. So anyway..when you come to Ipoh..when you reach would expect to see this..









Well not quite..just trying to dump in some suspense..-___-"

Anyway...what you would most likely something what i've experienced quite goes like this...

A few days ago..on my way back home from school..
.I couldn't help but notice a musk ox happily chewing grass in a padang nearby..I took a looked much like this..

Happy ox eating this..I mean an ox eating grass and not a ox-eating grass. They don't exist.....or do they? they don't God damn it..=.-"..don't you study bio?..

So anyway...there it was..chewing on the grass..happily..I decided to leave it I went into my house..did my stuff and so on..and later on in the day..the weather got hotter and was like being baked in a freaking oven man..=.-"...

Then the next day...I woke up..I started thinking about the was it?..hmmm..hopes its in good shape..after eating all those grass..after awhile..I decided to go out and check on it..
this was what I saw....

My friend the musk ox. In bones.

rest in peace.


It appears that the weather had cause it to dehydrate..zzz...yea...that's how hot Ipoh hot till you find dead oxes in front of your house..=.-"..haha...

oh yea..the pictures and stories are fake^^...(unless you're dumb enough to believe it, it's fine with me)...XD

haha...but the weather is really sick hot man..-___-"..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why ah?

Was wondering that day while reading the newspapers..."Police All out On Alongs"(or something like this)...and their solution was...give them a certain time to come and surrender..and yada yada..starting this project and that project..and then ah..I couldn't help but to ask myself...why don't they just call the Along fellas and pretend to be in need for money..then meet up somewhere and bust them hard meh?..=.-"...Aiyo..Malaysia ah...fantastic la..haha..XD..

Now have to complete this Starmag magazine competition words for free personal pan pizza voucher..hehe...suppose it's worth it..XD..hehe..kinda bored oso these Holidays..haha...even though very busy..okay...I have no idea
what I'm typing now...oh wait..yea..1 more thing to talk about!!!

If you have noticed...the weather is getting hotter and hotter..god knows how long the popularity of polar bears and penguins(not to mention the siberian huskies) will last...they gonne be gone soon...=.="..yala..cut more trees la..cut la..go make more wooden tongkat and wooden chairs la..go la..we all gonna die one day due to overheating, internal heating, external heating and all..cut somo la..even the tree oso pissed d...don't believe ah?..I show sama you!

thats a tree showing its middle finger if you're wondering..'s okay if you don't understand the picture in the first place...idiots are everywhere..still don't believe me? this comic..

Friday, June 5, 2009


Since I have nothing better to post, I might as well post my drawings here..=D..hehe...have no idea why I like drawing so much..=.="..but all I know is that it's fun.=D..haha..some of these drawings date back from last pictures aren't in order so just look through it and comment k..XD...chiaoz..(oh yea...1 more thing..all my drawings have no title..-__-"..lame or not I ask you??haha)

One of my first's got no colour but it looks pretty good..haha..semangat
SMI...draw the logo and all..haha..

Again, one of my early like this one..wanted to put this on
class shirt but scared production might screw it up..>.< I like the spots..haha..

...A lot of people say this drawing is good..haha..wanna know the history of this?..
First, I drew this out with a pencil..then I gave it to Heng Jian to dia pun
color it..see see later I check..he say not very nice then wanted to throw it...then I was like..
=.="..wasting only..gimme la..I keep..haha..see see turn out to be one of my best..haha..
the colours used is from the stabilo fine liner 88 I think..haha

LOL....I did this in Sejarah class to keep me awake..-_____-"..
lame but still..haha..

Technically in complete..but lazy to continue....maybe one day la..haha...XD..

This one is for Monil..haha...tunggu ah..need to go laminate it first then bagi..XD

1 for Gerald oso..haha..both look alike..hehe..

I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!XD..used black pen to do this..hehe..TS for Thean Soong..
the thing in the other idea what it is..haha..but I Still like it..=D

LOL...does this look familiar?..hehe...'Blank' day have to colour this..

This one is unique..very unique..tuen it 360 degrees and you see the exact same image..

Comment ya..XD...chiaoz

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Playlist on Computar updated..XD

My latest playlist on my computer..some songs are outdated and some are new..still..I don't count good songs by how updatd they are..that way, they're not called songs..

Everclear-She's so high above me
Vanessa Carlton-A Thousand Miles
Ne-yo - mad
Linkin Park-New Divide
Rihanna-Hatin on the club
T.I/Justin Timberlake-Dead and gone
Katy Perry-Thinking Of You
Daughtry-No Suprise
F.O.B-American Sweethearts
GReen Day-Know Your Enemy
Hey Monday-Homecoming
Lil Wayne-Lollipop
The Fray-You Found Me
All American Rejects-Gives You Hell
Lifehouse-You And Me
Matt Nathanson-Come On Ge Higher

...quite little songs..but still its just the playlist..not my album..^^..

recommend anymore songs?..
Drop it anywhere noticeable by me..=PP...


Holiday season is here~~..XD...

time for some extra studying boost..=d..
time for some extra fun boost..=P
time for some

Facebooking now..XD...
till the next time~=)