Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas..

Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year.

Expect no presents from me.

Neither should you expect candies or chocolate bars.

Not because I am stingy or money-minded.

It's just that I care for your health.

So appreciate it.



Saw and know a few fellas in KL..

-Bing Loon
-Kevil Loh(and sis and bro)
-Santa Claus
-Taxi Drivers

and lastly..

the most important aspects of KL.

-Plaza Tolls.


Will update on my KL trip soon..

Probably when I get back home.

Camwhored to the max.

You'll be suprised.

When you see to what extend I camwhored.

Prepared to be mesmerized.(Talking to the would-be-mesmerize people)


Happy New Year.



Thursday, December 18, 2008

LTC Part 2-Games

This is part 2 of the LTC post.
It's on games/activities


*only some games/activities are stuffed into this post..=.=" semangat to blog on LTC d..haha..*

So, we'll start of with the song we sang for Calvyn's dead hamster/rat or whatever it was..=.="..It was suppose to make him feel better I think..>.>..somehow..

It looked like this.
First, he sang the song to us.
Then, he asked us to sing along with him.
Then, he did this weird hand techniques.
Then, he asked us all to to the weird hand techniques.
Lastly, we all had a good laugh and Calvyn was probably feeling a bit happier.
Conclusion: The hamster/rat or whatever it is, is still dead. =.=" did not come back to life. Sweat..haha..

Oh, and you're probably wondering what the song was!
Well, quite frankly, it is suppose to be called the bunny song but the dead thing is a hamster/rat or whatever it is.
So therefore, I was a bit confused so I decided to call it the 'barbwire' song...=.="...since the only thing I actually remember from that song was the offence...

Barbwire song in action.

Stephen doing the Barbwire song.
Kanak-kanak riang~

Next activity...

Boogie Woogie...yea....I know..sounds stupid, but then again, if you think about it, without stupid people there can't be clever people...XD..haha..

How to play the game:-

You are given a piece of paper, filled with certain characteristics of people. It's your duty to identify that person with that particular characteristic and obtain his/her signature( there's a small space on the paper to sign on).

The Boogey Woogey paper. Sign in the boxes provided.
*don't worry, they may sit on the same bed but i'm sure they don't sleep on
the same bed...XD..someone will get jealous..haha..XD*

Among the characteristics that were on the paper:-

1. Left-handed boy*ahem*me*ahem*..XD
2. Habit of biting nails*ahem Sara*ahem*
3. Is a twin*ahem*Monil*ahem*
4. Shortest*ahem*Stephen*ahem*..XD
5. 5 dots on the mouth*ahem*Guo Kang*ahem*..XD
6. Fish out of water*ahem*Ruben*ahem*...XD

Once you get all the signatures, go to the front, pass the paper to Jia Ee and shout out loud BOOGEY-WOOGEY!!...=.="..

(actually, this game is really a very SS kinda signing contract only..=.=" if you're the boss..sweat..haha)..

Here are some pictures of the event:-

Suk Wai macam signing contract only..=.="...shipment form North

Everyone semangat signing and giving contract..haha!!XD..

More contract signing going on..LOL

Yoshita: Eh, Loo Sen, can stop ah??
Loo Sen: sweat...wat I do la?...potong stim ni>.>
Wooi Liam: I love my file..muacks!XOXO(FYI: online kissing is spelt
as XOXO/muacks/muacx and not mwahs=.="..*ahem*Joseph take note plz*

Ben:Eh, Siapa kentut??
*I don't know whether this picture is related to Boogey-Woogey
but i'm sure it's a nice pic=D...haha*

Okay..Boogey Woogey over and I think the winner was Loo Sen..yea...of all people..haha..jkjk..=D

Next activity is...

the stick together game.

And i'm so lazy to explain the how to play the game=.="..

it's pain, no gain, no Ruben, all gain..=DD...haha..jkjk...

Hey, I got an idea=D..

Since the 'how to play' instruction is soo long, many words..lets just let the pictures do the talking since we all know, a picture says a thousand words..=D..

At the start..
*Calvyn: I love you Kevin...*

Unity??Cina dengan cina, India dengan India...=.="
I hate these kinda things..jeez..=/

LOL..suddenly kayu so tall..or are the rest just short??..XD
=.="..Su Yenn memang pendek in this picture..sweat..LOL..

Duh ren duh ren(make the jaws theme sound..)

From this picture, I can guess someone wanted to stick to Phuah(fatest one there),
but Phuah was like..YOU COME AND SEE WHAT I DO TO YOU!!..

Look at Jia Ee..>.>..stone wea..

* Eh Naki, Looking at what ah you??...swt..LOL

Police: PUT YOUR HANDS UP!! there's 8 pictures there, and each say a thousand words..therefore, I said 8000 words for this activity should know how the game works by now..XD...

Next activity....

The scrabble like game...

Okay..i'll explain this activity..

each family is given a pice of cardboard containing square boxes..

Now, you have to arrange all your family names, and they must be connected together somehow. Like scrabble..just that you have all the are some pictures of what happened..LOL..

Pink Panther Family with their names on the board.

Doraemon Family with their names on the board.

Popeye Family and their names on the board.

Powerpuff Girls/dudes and their names on the boards..

My Family(SpongeBob Sq. pants)*unlike the other families, we seemed to be
somewhat unorganized in this photo doing our things, but hey, guess what?..
We are being ourselves..cause...we know...we are perfect the way we are=)*
Anyway, my family with our names on the board.....and.....

We didn't forget our sponsor...TESCO VALUE!!..XD...that's right, SpongeBob Family
was proudly sponsored by Tesco Value

LOL..since this is my family, i'll tell you all some parts of my speech..LOL


We are SpongBob Square Pants..and these are our names here..

*not in order*
*after most of the names*
And Stephen A.K.A Csliew...
*everyone was huh?and hah?*
why?..cause his name was was written as weilsc...
and why??...
I told them this...

Well, his name is terbalik cause his brains also terbalik so matching la..haha..XD

And after that...I quickly turned the board so the back is facing the front and then proudly shone (past tense for shine) It now read...

Expiry date: 12-05-10 *the day and month is random..forgot it but the year is correct*

And said:-

We are sponsored by Tesco Value and we expire 2 years from now..^^V Support Tesco!
-End- joke..(",)

Sorry for the other families which I did not put their photo's...can't seem to find it..=/

Next Activity...

First lunch at Teluk Batik Resort...

Unlike most families which take picture first, then eat...

We eat first, then take picture...XD..cekap leh my family..hehe..XD...
*me and wifey harmony...sweat..*

Next activity:-
The Donkey game..
How to play?..'re blindfolded, and the mission is to go to the front and draw the part of the donkey that Eric will announce..For instance, he'll say draw the donkey's tail, and a selected member will have to go to the front blindfolded and draw the tail and the only guide you'll get is from people in the background shouting as if there's no tomorrow..LOL...

Loo Sen and Su Yenn doing it..LOL...=.=" don't know why i'm laughing also..haha..

And hey, those who went for the LTC, remember when Eric took one of the donkey pictures and said," WOW..this donkey has 3 eyes!"...guess what??..I did that...=PP..haha..LOL..

Next Activity:-

The-I-hope-I-can-trust-you-not-to-kill-me game..LOL...

let the pictures to the talking for this one..fingers numb d typing so much...LOL..

Okay...who is that la??..=.="..macam tak kenal only??

I'm flying without wings...

I Believe I can fly....*jangan mimpi la..>.>*

the I-am-having-a-nice-massage look..LOL

LOL..Phuah and Woei Hong's face gila merah carrying the fella..haha
so heavy..XD...or is it that Keith farted??O.o"..sweat..haha..

Next activity:-

Amazing Family/Family Race<---whichever one it was..kinda forgot=.=".. LOL..this game is like Amazing Race. Wanna know how to play?..Go watch the show on AXN.. Lol..quite a good and energetic game=D.. Had loads of fun doing this activity actually..=DD..speechless d....zzz...just see the pictures la=.=
The clue was make a pyramid...they did this...we did...

this...why?? space la...we took the space of 5 people...
the rest took more than 14..haha...economical...LOL..Haha..
and of course, it was a good group hug=)!
*Hari refusing to kiss Jian Liang..XD*

Us waiting like pendatang asing kena tendang keluar from Hotel..LOL..

Sara was the executioner...Leroy Vs. Benjamin..
*after Leroy owned Ben*
Leroy: Make my day.

His day was made. Beautifully..LOL

ALERT!Pemotong Stim among us!

Ben and a few other people attracted to the young Malaysian Motto motto..LOL..

Singing Negaraku meh??>.>..stand until like that...siao..
*Phuah and his-don't mess-with-me-look*

Faceoff: Doraemon Vs. SpongeBob Sq. Pants.
And for the record, SpongeBob won..^^
And for another record, they had Tan Kian..
And for another important record, my family had me..XD
and guess what?..
Tan Kian was owned by Thean Soong...LOL..
>.>...and I like Mark's way of answering..haha..

Well, in the end, I don't know which team won cause we ran outta time..had to go for dinner you see..LOL..but the important thing is, I won Tan Kian, and my family won Doraemon family..XD..

Next Activity:-

Talent Time

LOL...this was one of my most favourite part of the whole was so fun man. Everyone laughing was extreme...

Well, i'm not gonna talk much bout the other families cause im running outta time i'll just stick with my family's one..=D


=.="..okay..there seems to be a problem..I can't download the video from Youtube..ZZZ...LOL..nevermind, tell ya what, go to Thomas'es blog and watch the video..Other than that, wait for me to upload it in my next post, or go to this link and watch it..

SpongeBob family Sketch

Now, cause the video quality ans sound system is very bad, i'll try to recall the dialogues and write it here...>.>..things I do for you people..LOL..jkjk..sweat...^^enjoy..LOL...

Okay, first, let me introduce you to the family:-

Lee Thean Soong:- Martin Jalleh

Bakyalachmy:-one of the 3 legendary chicks..haha
Loo Siew Mian:-one of the 3 legendary chicks..kononnya
Boey Su Yenn:-one of the 3 legendary chicks...the most SS you can find in Teluk Batik..XD..jkjk

Stephen:- Boss of the 5 SpongeBob Gangsters
Adriann Gee:-one of the 5 SpongeBob Gangsters
Arvindan:-one of the 5 SpongeBob Gangsters
Kisor:-one of the 5 SpongeBob Gangsters
Harivindran:-one of the 5 SpongeBob Gangsters

Thomas:-Nerd, who then became a gangster, and then became a nerd again..=.="..

Beh Ee King:-Policeman
Tan Jian Liang:-Policeman

Mohd. Marjan:- Innocent bystander
Mark Ooi:-Innocent bystander

Not forgetting the mascot,

SpongeBob Sq. Pants:- lambang keagungan SpongeBob Gang.LOL..


Gangsters: Hey ladies~~!!
Chicks: ??
Stephen: Would you like to watch a movie??
Chicks: What movie?
Gangsters: This one, this one..*grabs mascot* SpongeBob Sq. Pants!!
Su Yenn:I don't know la..I think I prefer to watch SpongeBob Gay Pants..
*Thomas interrupts and go to chicks*
Thomas: Eeer, excuse me..
Gangsters: Ei!Ei!Ei!!
*Stephen grabs Thomas's shirt and pull*
Stephen: You come here!
*Gangsters follow suit and surround him*
Gangsters: Eh! what you want??
Thomas:*stammers* I..i..i..just want to ask something...
Gangsters: Ask what?
Thomas*stammers* I just want to ask for directions only..
Adriann: hah?what?Left, right, up, down you don't know ah??
Stephen:Eh, do you know who we are or not?
Gangsters:We are the SpongeBob Gang you know...
*Kisor grabs Thomas*
Gangsters: You know who they are or not(referring to the chicks)
Stephen: If you don't know then don't kacau can or not? If not I stuff this Sponge in your mouth!
Harivindran: Even your Mother can't love your face!
*gangsters let him go and go back to the chicks*
Gangsters: Now let's go watch SpongeBob movie..

Scene 1 over.

Next scene...

*Thomas walking alone sweating and totally emo-fied..*
*Thean Soong comes in on him*(TS=Thean Soong)
TS:Eh! Thomas ah?From the LTC right?
Thomas: Er, yes sir, how are you sir?
TS: Oh, i'm fine..why..why you sweating like shit la??
Thomas: Oh, I was asking for directions then they beat me up..
TS:Eh?why like that?
TS:Use what you learn from LTC
*TS sniffles nose with finger like Martin Jalleh does* I know already..
TS:Yes! from the Eighth session..
Thomas:oh ok I got it!
TS:hah, ok? prepare yourself next time!I don't want to see you like this anymore.
*TS sniffles nose with finger like Martin Jalleh does again*
TS: Understand?
Thomas: Thank you sir
TS:walks away

Scene 3
*thomas(now as the narrator)*
Thomas says to the crowd: After a few months of intense workouts in the gym....

*the SpongeBob gang walking to Thomas unknown of Thomas's presence..*
*innocent by standers take their place*
Stephen:come,come now we go watch SpongeBob Square Pants part 2!
Thomas: EEY!
*Stephen comes forward with the gang*
Stephen: hey you! remember who we are or not? We are the SpongeBob gang you know...don't play play...-
*Thomas knocks out Kisor*
Stephen:People say, we are the best in-
*Thomas knocks out Adriann*
Stephen:Teluk Batik-
*Thomas knocks out 2 other remaining gangsters...only Stephen and 3 chicks left*
*Stephen backs away,holding mascot in hand but the 3 chicks push him forward..*
Stephen:wh..wh..what you want now??
*Thomas lifts arm backwards ready to punch*
*Stephen runs away to the back....with the mascot of course=)*
Thomas:*says something..*
Chicks:*screams for apparently no reason and run away..=.="*
*Bystanders see the incident of Thomas beating the gangsters and threatening the chicks*
*bystanders run away*
*police come in*
*Thomas freezes*
Police:squat down!*to arrest Thomas*
Thomas:No, let me go..*says something*
*TS enters*
TS: Eh eh eh eh, what are you doing?
Police:*says something*
TS: No, no he's a good boy. Let him go, i'll take full responsibility of him.
Police: Are you sure?
TS: Yeh yeh yeh, he's son...
Police:*says something*
*TS sniffles nose with finger like Martin Jalleh does again*
Police: you sure?
TS: Yeh, sure..
Police: ok ok ok..
TS: Let him go.
*Thomas stands up, police go away*
TS: Are you OK?*says something*
Thomas: Sir, I became assertive..
TS:*knocks hand on head* Thats not assertive la.....STUPID!!That's agressive!!Aiyo!!
Thomas:*says something about what martin jalleh taught.
TS:From the eighth session la!!
Thomas:Oooh!!Now I remember!!
TS:hah, now you get it ah??
Thomas: Oh..ok
TS: Aiyo!!Now you know ah?
TS:Ok, now you understand ??
TS: Ok. go.
*Thomas walks off*
TS:Thank you ah...*terlupa cakap 2 thomas..=.="*

Scene 4

*Thomas as the narrator*: A few months later in some corner..*
(ok..someone farted here...T_T..yea..check the video sound at

*gangsters walking*
Stephen: come come, now it's time to watch SpongeBob Square Pants part 3.
*Thomas appears*
*Gangsters back off*
Stephen: *while backing off*Eh eh eh, you again la..
*Gangsters hide behind the mascot by pushing it forward*
Thomas: Please please, i'm not here to beat you all
*Adriann pushes/throws mascot to the front*
Thomas: I'm just looknig for directions.
Adriann:*while holding mascot*Left, right, up, down la..
Stephen:*Throws mascot to Thomas* can take this*
*gangsters back away*
Thomas: please, no harm please..I just want to know, where is this place?
*gangsters go forward, Stephen goes to Thomas*
Stephen:'s opposite the pineapple under the sea...
*after telling Thomas where it was*
Stephen: Oh ya, can I have this back??*while grabbing the mascot*
*Gangsters walk away hurriedly*
Thomas*waves to them*have a nice day..

*Thomas as the narrator*: The moral of the story is.......(not important anymore...XD)

-The End-

=)..hope you enjoyed the was awesome!!XD

LOL...funny thing is, we only started PLANNING everything from the start at the least 20 minutes..=.="...cekap leh??...script oso hafal damn fast..=.="...don't know why Sejarah cannot do it..=.="...LOL..

Well, this concludes my LTC post 2...

And..there's an LTC post 3..but i'm not sure whether I have the time to post it..going to KL..coming back most probably in January..and it's SPM next year so i'll be going online rarely...=//....sweat..

-The End-

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yea...just wanna let you readers and *ahem*desperate fans*ahem* out there that i'm constantly trying to finish up my LTC blog post but it's taking ages since I am writing of basically everything that I experienced, my family members, games, special events, funny pictures, stupid experiences at, stay tuned..might be dividing them into seperate post so just check on my blog once in awhile ye..thanks again, for your unnecessary understanding, it will always be forgotten.=)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

LTC-You know what it stands for....

Since almost everyone is not updating their blog on LTC, I guess I should be the one next to do it.

Well, it is safe to say, LTC did not just turn out smoothly but in fact, turned out to be a perfect blast.

So let's start with my family members eh??..

Thean Soong

Tiba-tiba je....LOL...
Joseph: give me a stupid/funny face.
Me: Um...ok
(if this ain't stupid, I don't know what is..LOL)

Coming from the pineapple under the sea,(that's were SpongeBob resides/house) Thean Soong is a SHORT boy with loads of crap inside his holes around my body. Each crap is unique since Thean Soong himself, is unique...XD..sudah Syok Sendiri..XD..haha..anyway, he has tried his best to do his duty that was given and had seriously enjoyed LTC to the extreme and is missing it right now..*sigh*..

Wifey: bakar Bakya

(The one wearing the pink shit)
>.>..macam tengok hantu je...swt..LOL..-.-

SpongeBob's mother. Hmm...although she is extremely quiet, she is actually very bising wan when you know her. Here's some proof:-

When we were in Lumut enjoying ourselves....suddenly, Bakya came to me with Sara.

Bakya: Eh, I've got something to say to you..(she was having the smily kinda emote..) what=.="...Um...I think
I know what you're gonna say..(even though I had no clue at all what she was gonna say..)
Bakya: I'm not a quiet person..>.>"...

(the reason I was so sarcastic as because I was half way posing for a photo...-.-"..sweat..)
P/S: Thanks Sara for telling her I tohu
ght she was a quiet person..owe you one..=.=..LOL..

Well anyway, I could see for myself that she can socialize a lot once you actually get to know her well..^^ I guess that it's safe to say, mission accomplished!!XD..In other news, she is also more of the introvert type, which means she listens more than talk, much the opposite of me though..LOL..but she can interact la...can see it.(",)

Daughter/advisor:Buy Su Yenn Boey Su Yenn

OKAY. HALT RIGHT THERE!! First, I need you to look at these pictures. And think, what is your first impression of her. LOL.

Su Yenn: I'm clever, smart, very responsible, HOT, short..yada-yada..
LOL..just joking..I forgot her exact words so I simply bang some crap only..^^

Su Yenn: If you think you are better than me, go pack your bag and balik kampung!
XDXD..haha...another joke there..LOL

As you can obviously see, she is enjoying herself MAJOR SS-ing in front of everyone..LOL!!just see her hand gestures and face expressions..LOL..siao really wea..haha...!!

LOL, actually she not SS-ing or anything la..just messing around with ya all..^^no offence ya..XD

One of my two daughters, she is well to say have enjoyed herself a lot during LTC eventhough she skipped a bit of family stuff but it's ok..she's the advisior, so sure got a lot of background stuff to do..^^ No worries..We all understand. Still, she did contribute a lot to the family, during family time, during talent time and so on. Just wanna say, thanks for everything yea^^!!!

Son: Adriann Kee Gee

Adriann Gee-Right bottom(On Min Jie's left)

One of my wacky sons. During the whole LTC, it could be clearly seen that he enjoyed it a lot. In fact, probably enjoyed it more than most of us. And most importantly, I noticed he mixed around with new friends (those in the picture). =D..LOL...3 cheers for you dude!( and no, he's not a relative of Benjamin Kee..he's a Gee..notice the difference please..XD)

Son: Dustbin danArvindan

The usual 'blur' look..LOL..macam kena rasuk only...>.>"..

Well, nothing much to say about this guy because I still don't really know him yet..hmm..but I still remember that time where we managed to get into a chat and he cracked a sarcastic joke and it was really really funny and we were like laughing away. haha...not bad for someone I just met and talked to for the first time..=) family bonding.

Son: Bear Ee Queen Beh Ee King

The one wearing the white shirt holding the yellow file
(don't ask me what I was doing..XD*trying to be Jalleh??*)

My son and my room mate for LTC. Well, although he too, might be one of those quiet people, he can really talk when you know him well. Apart from that, he is one hella of a good room leader..LOL..especially that night at 3.00 in the morning we decided to go out for a walk...when suddenly, RJ Kevin.....*ahem* will go to the next part now *ahem*..LOL

Son:HAIRvindran(RAMBUT!) Harivindran

The one wearing black shirt ( and skin also..=P)
sorry for the blur picture but it's OK cause he IS blur himself..=P

A very sarcastic friend/son of mine, we usually team up against Monil even though 1 of us is enough to make Monil's life as miserable as ever but as the saying goes, two brains are better than one, expecially when you're up against a monkey who had a bowl in replace of IT'S brains. =P. Throughout the LTC, he was one of those dudes I hang out with cause we sorta know each other before the LTC.(he and Jian Liang made the funniest sketch of all that day..XD..pushing each other for no reason at all...sweat la you fellas..XD

Son: KissWhore Kisor

Kisor: Indian dude in the white shirt in the middle.
*Thomas, stop introducing your drugs to Su Yenn please. She's still innocent (so she says)...
Why Stephen's face"

He is to say, the most responsible and mature son in my family. He thinks straight, smart, and fast. The reason: He is the um..the boss of St. John's Ambulance im SMI..something similar to Troop Leader for scouts...LOL...Whenever there's a problem, go to him and he'll give you the most logical solution for your problem. * He is also taller than me too FFS*

Daughter: Loo Siew Pau loo Siew Mian

Siew Mian- wearing black shirt while holding super-absorbent
*Eh Thomas, sesat mana??-.-*

Siew Mian: sayang..*Koy Yew please don't get jealous..LOL*XD

Another daughter of mine. LOL.. also my lady comm head..XD..During the whole LTC, asyik dengan Koy Yew only..haha...LOL..joking...Very cekap wan this daughter( like all my children).HAHA...hmm..not much to say..-.-"!

Son: Bark OoiMark Ooi

Mark-Wearing grey shirt with his usual blur expression. *I love you Timothy....* Melvin's tongue is sticking out..he's lookig at Timothy's *ahem*..O.O The Gayness!!!!ARGH!!!..XD

I must say, this son is really cekap la..cekap until cannot say anything la..I still remember that time during the 'family race' or 'amazing family'(not sure which one), we were against Doraemon family and when it was Mark's turn, this was what happened...

*the question is fake..forgot the real question but it's all in numbers so it doesn't affect the story*

the game is, Sara will say a simple equation, and you have to either +1 or -1 from that answer and shout it out before the other person does..see simple??no

Sara: 5 x 5

Mark: ter..ter...ter...ter...ter(kept on saying this while face pumping red and vibrating vigoruosly left and right)

Opponent:ter-wanty saiks(26 in chinese slang)

Mark:ter...ter...ter..(while head still red and pumping while vibrating)

Sara and the rest:...swt..-.-'*splash water at mark*


Me and Terence: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!HAHAHAH!!!KAKAKAKA!!AAAHH!! *we both laughed non-stop while moving body up and down while clutching stomach*

Karen:*when she saw us*.........-____-"..(speechless)....sweat..*she had no clue what was going on unfortunately..*sigh* pity..LOL*

Me and Terence:HAHAHA*continued laughing*...LOL

As you can see, he is so freaking funny at times!!..laugh until need to tambah spring onion!!!STRAIGHT WILL COME!!!LOL...<--a bit SS at this part but SS-ing is a MAJOR habit of my family..XD

Son: MargerineMohd. Marjan

Marjan-the one showing the bunny fingers emote.
*Marjan is supporting Playboy at the moment..that explains his sudden craving for
the bunny fingers emote..XD*
*Hon Wai reacting after a coconut dropped on his head..*

Well, I must say, I didn't really mix with him a lot during LTC...hmm..wonder why..=/..Anyway, i'm pretty sure he too, as everyone else had an unforgettable time.( it's true you know..proof: how many times have you seen Marjan promoting Playboy?XD)

Son: Stephanie LiewStephen Liew

Stephen-Wearing white shirt holding a booklet.
And yes, I know what you are going to say; ie. What is a small boy doing
at LTC??..
Well, to my horror, this small boy is actually 16 years old. * I believed he
appeared on Ripley'sThean Soong's Belive it or not*

But. This small boy has a hidden power. He can summon people off their seat easily
Stephen:Rise all maggots, rise~!

And rose they did*swt including me*

Not to be mistaken for a dwarf(letting you know cause many people tend to), he is as a matter of fact, the shortest in the family (heck, even my pet dog's taller than him.). Well, turth be told, he one's of those only people left in the world who can overcome me in sarcasticity. joke..short people are good in sarcasm=).*proud to be short..XD*. Well, quite frankly, he was one of those many happening people during LTC. *ahem* 3 bintang all....=.="

Son: Dancing LiangTan Jian Liang

Jian Liang-wearing red shirt..duh=.="..
*double promoting Playboy..>.>..*
don't know why all my anak go nuts over Playboy..sweat..haha

Quite frankly, I didn't know who he was until LTC. =.="..nothing much to say about him either..Although, I must say he did one hell of a good job during the sketch..(the one with Hari where they both pushed each other for no apparent reason..=.="). Anyway, next!

Son:Thomass LiewThomas Liew

Thomas-Wearing black shirt, oops..I mean white..*could have easily mistaken him
for a female..=.="..what?..i'm just saying..*possibilities are high*joking*
And no, he's not batman or superman or hitman. he's HUman..

Thomas, 1 of my longest lasting friend. We've been friend's for 9 years I think..=.="..more than half my life..LOL..So anyway, during the whole LTC thing, he has been very good acting as David Caruso<---the dude in CSi Miami which I think is a complete wannabe (no joke). And um...he's taller than me..=.="..*well at least i'm taller than Stephen!*..XD Not Forgetting:~Family Mascot.

The Gay mascot~SpongeBob Sq. Pants.
And don't ask me whats inbetween his legs..
it's just God's everyday creation..=)..XD
It was bought for 5 bucks.
Mascot as explained by Stephen:"
When you see it, you'll shit bricks."

Adopted off the shores of Teluk Batik, this mascot orginates from the Pineapple Under The Sea. SpongeBob probably went for a stroll on the beach. Unfortunately, it probably lost it's way back and has henceforth been seen shores on Teluk Batik from time to time. It had lost all hopes of returning back to it's sweet and sour pineapple house. However, Thomas, a tall gentleman, used his knowledge obtained from LTC to help the walking talking sponge back on it's feet and gave it hope once again. Don't believe me?..check this out.

Sponge: Thanks Thomas!!
Thomas: No Problem!!Safe journey back!!
Thean Soong: um..isn't that thw wrong way back to it's home?...
Thomas:..oh...I think you're right..oh well.
Thean Soong:...May it R.I.P

But always remember. This Sponge makes you shit bricks, so if u happen to shit bricks when you come face to face with a sponge. It's SpongeBob. no mistake in that=).


Son-in-law:Josephine ChanJoseph Chan

Joseph-White shirt
*A picture says a thousand words, and one of them is,
stand with a kayu, and you become kayu too.*
*O.O...look at me behind there hanging my tag on my ears..XD*

One of my only so-called son-in-law...HAHA!!..XD..*they seriously look very kayu*..haha..*ahem* must be serious..cannot always joke around. There are times where we must be serious and not have fun.*ahem* Joseph taught me this*ahem*..haha..XD..still wondering..why suddenly they so high ah??..=.="...there doesn't appear to be a reason for this unless they are somewhat gay, which I pretty much doubt..=.="..

Family Photo???HAHA

*Su Yenn: can;t stop simply cam-whoring us ah??..*
*Jian Liang:precious...the one tag to rule them all...*
XD..all are jokes..hahaXD

Phew! family thing done..still have a lot to up will probably be about the games so stay tuned people!!XD..

-The End-

Sorry to keep you guys waiting..WoW is addictive..>.>..haha