Monday, December 21, 2009


Lol, ever since updating my blog layout, I somehow have more mood to blog. =.-"..haha..well anyway, later i'll be going to the INTI camp invited by Thomas who was invited by INTI. Supposingly to be a leadership camp, i'm just going there to do a few stuff..among them:-

1. Wreak havoc
2. Enjoy myself
3. Go crazy
lastly, and most importantly,
4.Try to survive

XD..haha..nice objectives no? Anyway, bus leaves at 12 p.m. later at's another dumb lame joke through text. See, wat happened was, Thomas told me that the bus leaves at 12 p.m at Parkson entrance and I was pretty much lazy to ask which entrance as we all know Parkson has 2 main entrances. So here's the rough conversation between me and Calvyn

Cal:- INTI Camp 21 Dec. Meet at Parkson entrance. Bus will be arriving at 1 p.m. Please bring semi formal clothes and sports wear.
Me:-Erm..Thomas told me 12 p.m. wert..and parkson which entrance? Opposite Syuen or Opposite Sam Tet?
Cal:-Erm, the time i'll confirm later. Meet at the parkson main road
*it was at this particular moment I was in a deep "WTF" expression which looked similar to something like this:-



probably like this to:-

definitely NOT this:-

"I drink this cause i'm stupid
and i'm stupid cause I drink this"


In other news, I just got my big deal..=.-"

Till the next update guys and girls and bi's and homo's and ..yea..whateva else you are

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Okay, fine..a proper update..not to say that don't have much to say but im just lazy..^^..Well, anyway, went to Moven Peak with Ruben and Thomas on Friday night..Was a bit of a rush since Ruben just told me like some instant messenger or something...on such short notice..=.="..thanks Ruben=D real helpful..haha..joking..;)

Anyway, i'll summarize what happened..It all began when I was on MSN, talking with Ruben..and he asked me out..yea..I know what y
ou're thinking but it's not a damn date k?..T
_T..(thought it certainly felt like one..=.="..)..So anyway, managed to go and his sis picked me up..this is where d screwed up part comes..=.-" i went in the car, mind you, it was when i entered the car and of course I couldn't see d driver..but it sounded like Ruben's mum so I said "hi aunty"..=.-"..babi d whole car laugh..see see it was Ruben's sister..=.-"
So when we arrived, that's about..a total
of 7 i anyway..we had to split because the tables were not big it was like Ruben's sis with her friends and the other group was me and Ruben(now it does sound like a date..=.-") we tok the upstairs part..where they had bbq and steamboat as well, but of course more expensive by a bit I suppose..anyway, decided to call Thomas so we called him in total it was
me, Ruben and Thomas..
After that, we took our food and stuff..started the steamboat and bbq..=.-" the part that sucked the most was when you had to pay extra 10 bucks for every 100g of wasted food..Because of this, we were careful not to take too much food..among the food, we had oysters(=.="), marinated chicken, jellyfish, sus
hi, non-marinated chicken, string ray, fish cubes, balls(no not those balls..I mean the balls you
ose round white stuff..=.-"..haha..god damn it sounds so wrong..=.-", ..yea...quite a lot more..haha..then Ruben..for some funny reason, took sooooooooooooooo much 1 sauce not enough..must take thai sauce, cili sauce, bbq sauce, oil sauce(lol), and another sauce of unknown origins.(-__-")..and he like took so much of those sauce..Then I was like..dei..if you cant finish this have 2 pay 5 bucks la!!..Ruben was like OMabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzG!!..=.-" we tried our best to finish it but of course
to no avial, so and Thomas came in..I poured the sauce in the steamboat and Thomas tried to evaporate the sauce by dumping it on the bbq plate..=.-"..Ruben just laugh ni..zzz...=.-"..haha..oh well, the soon after, THOMAS AND RUBEN RAPED THE ICE 1 go not enough..must take another round..=.-"..haha..all in all, it was a good evening spent..=)..Of c
ourse, all of us enjoyed ourselves..went back at around 11.30 or in all, the food was pretty good..the marinated chicken was excellent and the shih kebab sucks..(if that's what the call me, i'll refer to it as shit kebab!XD)...

Alright, next topic, I applied for MMU foundation in Management recently. Now, some may think it's a good action, some say it's dumb, b
ut it all comes down to the same thing, it's how you look at it.^^ i'll be going for the january
urse stays on Feb 1..since my bro is already there..i'm pretty sure things will go smoothly^^..wish me luck..haha..oh yea, when my bro's back, hopefully i'll try to make another home video..=P..hopefully it's gonna be good and funny like the last one..haha..maybe i;ll add more if it's already not lame as it is..

Anyway, I think it's time to mark the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new chapter in life..year 2010 here I come!^^..(see see on d 31 december 2009 11.59p.m i somehow pass away..-__-"..haha)

Till the next update^^

My latest art^^..ignore the GNWX..I took it from my graffiti community

Thursday, December 17, 2009


this is an update to say that i have updated my blog. enjoy.



Tuesday, December 8, 2009


SPM's over..=D..

this means less work, more fun..XD..haha..

more drawings too..=PPP...

since im too lazy to blog, i'll ust dump some p
ictures in to make this post a little bit more meaningful..haha...

I like this..=.-"