Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back from Hibernation

haha..It's been awhile since i've been blogging..well, it's not that im busy, I was just lazy to blog..=D..don't like my excuse?..haha..fine, sue me if you can ;).

Well, Nothing much interesting happened during my 2 week sem break. Tho, briefly, during the holidays, I really managed to catch up with most of friends.=) Which is a good thing in my point of view. Some 'methods' I used to catch up with my friends were forcing them to meet me in school as well as forcing them to meet me in Jusco (honestly, where else in Ipoh?=.="..) So anyway, it has also been a very 'fruitful' 2 weeks as I also managed to learn on something that would be useful in the future=))..haha..but i'm not gonna say what it keep on

So now that the break is over, it's back to studies, assignments and far so good. =) The groups I am in consist of capable people so i'm pretty relaxed about it..haha..anyway, gotta go dinner now=)

Hopefully, i'll update my blog soon enough again=)..