Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The MMU Herald.

Once again, welcome to my blog ladies and gentlemen (i've always wondered why is it ladies and gentlemen and not gentlemen and ladies, which makes more perfect sense=D), on this gleeful evening, I am sad to say that is it raining kittens and puppies ( a new term used to describe the drizzling weather since cats and dogs represent heavy rain*mind the lameness ).

Other than that, this avid blogger is currently in the library with a couple of friends. Where there is air-cond, where there is light, where there peace, where there is also..erm..books..shelves..and get what I mean..=D..tho, I must say, this Library is really up to standard. The only thing to complain about is the lack of plug sockets. There's always a shortage of those =S.

And yes, this blogger has also thought of the possibility of producing a live story about Thean Soong and his life in MMU as well as what is going around in MMU as far as he knows. You never know when it might come in handy. =)..And he has also thought of naming it 'The MMU Herald'..He might change it though..depends on how much he can think ( I'm beginning to wonder why am I insulting myself on my blog, with my hands, with my brains=.=" ).

Well, nothing really much apart from that, I have still to add more applications to this blog..maybe a hit counter, picture gallery and many other stuff^^

So chiaoz in the meantime...^^