Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Thing About Life...

I wonder why, but I find life funny and ironic. Have you? Probably..probably not. But that's not the point.

You know, we tend to think that life's miseries and mysteries are the hardest thing to solve in the world. For example, we tend to ask ourselves, does God really exist?, how will I look or turn out to be in the future? Is there really a Heaven and Earth? And if you're probably facing your examinations or a tough work, the things that will probably run around your mind is probably, " OMG! how am I gonna pass my exam? Will I get a A?", "How am I gonna continue my work? I'm too stressed up!" Now, the thing is that, we often conclude that we can't change it. Let FATE be. But for me, in my honest opinion, screw fate. It doesn't exist. Well maybe it does, once or twice or so. But in general, it doesn't exist. So the question is, why do I say so? Am I being to irrational on this matter? If you think so, then I have to say ladies and gentlemen, that I beg to differ.

Here is the reason why.

It is of no surprise, that the majority of us leave complicated matters to God ( as explained above in the last paragraph ). But let me ask you, who is the one being affected? Who is the one who will be affected? who is the one who CAN make the changes? Who is the one who has the right to make decisions? YOU. Exactly. When you're going to face your exams, and you know you're not confident in scoring high grades, instead of complaining about how life hits you in the head, why not take the decision and action to actually move things around and study for the exam so that you will have enough confidence? When you're stressed at work, you ask, "why God why?". Shouldn't you be asking yourself, " what can I do to change this situation?" Doesn't it seem so logical? but yet surprisingly weird that we hardly thing like that? ( I must say, that even I think like that at times ). So what's the X-factor that solves this big mystery? the answer is simple and can be phrased in a single sentence. What happens to us, and what happens around us, is the result of our actions and nothing else. Does it make sense? Maybe, yet again maybe not. Lt me convince you in the most simple way.

Exhibit A
You are on a busy road when you have to make a penultimate decision to cross the road. There is no overhead crossing (jejantas). Cars seem to be endlessly speeding on the road, when suddenly, this really really fast car is hyper speeding on the road and you very well know that if you cross at that time, you will get smashed to bits and probably the only way to identify your identity is through your soon-to-be half torn IC. And somehow, one way or another, you cross the road abide the fact that you know you will get hit. And when you cross, you get hit. You smash into bits. Your IC is torn in half. You're dead. But before your brain shuts down and restarts in heaven, you have the option to think. Who is to blame for crossing the road? You or an unknown dark force who had miraculously forced you to cross? If you take the latter, then now you know why I say that What happens to us, and what happens around us, is the result of our actions and nothing else. Understand class?. Good.

Have you ever been in this situation where you have a crush or like boys/girls that don't like you, but the boys/girls that you do not have a crush on happen to like you? Ironic is it not? You like another boy/girl, she doesn't like you, and another boy/girl likes you but you do not like that boy/girl? And then you'll ask to yourself, Why can't she like me? and why can't it be the other way round?..Question is, why not? All you have to do is instead of letting the boy/girl to choose you, you choose the boy/girl who likes you? (for some circumstances of the brain of Lee Thean Soong, you may not understand this post). After all, haven't you heard what the meaning of love is?

Most of us think love is about looking at a boy/girl and say"wow! I love that girl". Error! That is not love. That's called crush. Love to other people is defined as finding the right one. But in the book called the "Law of Attraction Modified for Thean Soong's Personal Use", love is defined as finding a normal person, and making it perfect. That is love.

So, whats the moral of the story? never cross the road? Nope.

The moral is :

1.Live life like how YOU want it. And don't depend on other factors. YOU have the remote control to your own life. Use it wisely to your advantage.

2.Don't complain. Wait..that's not right. Complain, but complain to the right person and about the right thing.

3.lastly, stay single because we all know, that we can never find anyone normal and make it perfect no matter how much the Law says that that is love. And finding the perfect person is harder than you think it is and when you find the perfect person, complications occur, and when that happens, you no longer find her perfect and break up with her, and in the ultimate end, you're back to Square one =D true?..

Bet it is..

So that's all for today guys^^

My next post will be on MMU Language and Cultural Carnival & Drama Fest 2010 =D It was a blast.



-aPhRoDitE- said...

i like ur post. at least u speak sum logic. haha

A.K.A JuzLife said...

After so long right??=.-" long never see u put footprints on my blog d..haha