Sunday, April 18, 2010

Halt in the name of Just Life.

As you all may have noticed, I am currently undergoing the process of reviving my once short termed dead suppose i'm doing a pretty good job

I've taken the privilege to change my blog layout to a different theme where the use of ink splatters and graffiti is"..I find it messy sometimes (like now). So i've decided to put in a more mature and classy layout like this which I find really good. It's not only less messy, the words are easier to read, spacious and gives a calming effect on the reader due to the combinations of non-striking

Anyway, most of my widgets and gadgets have been remove temporarily but fear not as i'll be putting them back on soon^^. Patience is be patient yea..=)..

Also, I plan to write some stuff about the world around us like news or something, or else, my blog is haha...better of dead..=.-"..

And i'll have to dump in more jokes..for some reason, my funny bone appears to be malfunctioning recently..haha

Apart from that, I would like to say the end.