Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Curiosity killed the duck ( or is it the bullet? O_o)

For some reason, an unfortunate event has struck me recently..I find it pretty hard to 'digest' my Computer Application stuff which requires tremendous memorizing skills..not as much as History though..but something like Biology I presume. Now the thing is that( with Mr. Lim Jim's tone), when I was in Form 5 going to sit for my SPM exam, digesting the bookload of crap was way much easier than this Computer Application thing. I wonder why..It's less work but harder to memorize..damn it..this is not a good situation..non the less, it got me curious..=P..hehe..

Going for dinner soon with some classmates..=.-"..suddenly don't feel like going but i'm not gonna Fong Fei Kei so..haha..guess I have to go^^

so tata~till the next update...

oh yea, they say my Finals is on 17th May..true ah?=.-"..Everyone's sem break is on that period..damn