Monday, April 12, 2010

Okay..just got my econs results back, and im seriously like unsatisfied..=.-" anyway, it's just mid term..there's still quizzez(scored full marks so far), assignments(did pretty well) and finals(seriously, going to try n do my best=.="..see the word 'try'?)...

Well, i'm not really sure as to why I got 14.75 outta 20% but i'm destined to find out...I shall pave way to the lecturer's office and demand for a subtle explanation!*high spirits*..

Maybe it's due to my stupidity or lazyness..or maybe i'm just not used to it yet..but it doesn't really matter...thinking to much about it or getting to sad won't change the results..the only way to change the overall results is the I come God damn comes my SPM spirit!!*cheh cheh..buat bangga je..sial..-____-"*.

seriously. study time.


In other news, went to Pantai Klebang(if thats what they call it) yesterday..haha..and due to my kecacatan, I didnt walk on the sand, what more the water..I just sat down eating cooked chicken and drinks..^^..haha...had quite a fun time tho^^..went around with a fork saying" I want to fork a chicken..*=.="..lame, but honestly, totally worth it..;)..haha..chiaoz..