Friday, February 25, 2011

To continue or not to continue..

As most of you may have noticed, I have not been blogging for a long time. And as usual, i'm am going to use the top most used excused, "I was busy". But frankly speaking, I can not doubt this statement. For the past semester I have been working on 2 events, which is the Charity-Fest 2010 and the IVAQ 2011.

As for Charity-Fest 2010, I would say the event was a resounding success. However, I attribute it mostly to my committee members as they have done most of the work and task. Therefore, I am not proud that I did a good job but i'm proud that I chose the right people. =P. I know, i'm smart. Don't have to remind me.^^ V. hehe

As for IVAQ 2011, it is a big event and therefore, the event requires big planning and therefore, the event has not started yet. The event is scheduled to start on the 19th of March. Thats far away. Well anyway, This event has caused me much of my time and I do hope its worth it somehow. =_="...But for now, just finish my job soon, and then wait for the event to pass and then i'll be back to business >=). If you know what I mean..hehe..

Well, as you can see, I have been and still am handling a number of events and this does not include my projects and assignments. The worst of it came in during the 3rd semester, which is last semester. Topped with the most busy projects including setting up a stall and producing written reports, it was one hell of a hectic semester. I have got to the part about my group members-.-". Not to say they are all bad, some are good, some are a matter of fact, i blame it on the lecturer. The lecturer kept on dumping unwanted students into my group. The thing is, it clearly stated in the guidelines that we should form a group of 12. The lecturer dumped in 3 more unwanted people into my group. That sums up to 15, enough to play decent basketball or futsal match. So wanting an explanation, I met up with the lecturer. The following epic conversation took place:-

Me: Teacher, why you putting all those people into my group? My group penuh d and got all races ady.
Teacher: I cant help it, they dont have a group.
Me: Ask them to find a group perhaps?
Teacher: Nobody wants them, they tried already
Me: Yea, nobody wants then and nobody wants them cause they're like batman..never here never there when you need them. They dont come to classes, let alone meetings. Thats why nobody wants them.
Teacher: Aiya...when you big boss one day you will have to hire these kind of people one..
Me: Madam, If i was a big boss, I would send them through interview and they would FAIL!.
Me: WTF..

End of conversation.

Conclusion, nothing changed-.-"...

Well anyway, thanks to these events, it was hard to cope with my studies of course. But at last, I did managed to pull through after all and am satisfied with my results =)! What a semester! hehe..anyway, lazy to type now.

Will update if i want to..nothing u can do anyway-.-"..

bye bye


•●小刘●• said...

finally u update ur blog liao...hehe

Thean Soong said... rajin ma..of course will update..>=P..hehe

Evon Song said...

=_=''' Sooo straight forward. Swt

Thean Soong said...

sweat..yea meh?..a bit a bit only ma -.-"..i didnt specify anyone oso..zzz..sry lo..

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